The unified RGB platform

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Advanced lighting

Artemis knows where all your devices are in real-life. That means effects realistically spread across your devices, keeping their distance into account. Not to metion that Artemis works cross-brand, no more out-of-sync devices or limited lighting capabilities!


Open Source

This project is completely open source. That means anyone can improve upon it. There's also an entire plugin system allowing you to add your own devices, effects and games


High performance

Artemis is built for gamers. That means you shouldn't ever notice a performance drop because of Artemis. RGB is fun but if you're fragging hard you don't want framedrops because of the lighting going on.

Featuring an accurate per-LED editor
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Overview of planned features

  • Completely overhauled UI
  • Deep intergration with DarthAffe's RGB.NET (meaning more devices!)
  • Profiles will no longer be bound to a specific keyboard but will work on any keyboard
  • Layers will be assigned to keys accurately like done in per example Corsair's CUE thanks to RGB.NET
  • Instead of the built-in game support Artemis currently offers there will be plugins that add support for games, new layers, effects and more
  • The plugin system will replace the current idea of having a scripting engine and will be in multiple languages (these will be in the form of plugins themselves)
  • I'll include some plugins by default to support most of the games Artemis currently supports (I might drop some games that don't work well/are too much work to maintain)
  • There will be a workshop to share plugins, profiles and even layers. This workshop will be part of an Artemis website

Built to be modular and easy to extend by anyone
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